Mother Had To Crouch While Carrying Her Sleeping Child In A Crowded Train For 40 Minutes

In the Philippines, we are encourage to offer our public transportation seats to only three certain groups of people—pregnant women, senior citizens, and people with disabilities.

There is a logical reason for this. These people are more vulnerable to unwanted danger, especially during sudden breaks of the bus or similar occurrences.

But what do we do if, say, we see a teenager who’s obviously feeling sick in her gut? Or maybe we see a construction worker striving to stay awake riding the train because he didn’t have any sleep at work last night?

Indeed, some people can be just weaker than most sometimes. The ideal thing to do is to just help them be a little more comfortable. But that was not the case for this woman on a train.

If she were just with herself, it is fine to not offer a seat for her. But this woman was carrying her daughter on her lap without a chair for her own. It was pretty obvious that she was having a difficult time—yet no one on board the train helped her.

40-minute crouch

Photos of the woman showed that she was squatting on the floor, with legs fully bent. The only thing touching the floor were her shoes. She was carrying what seems to be her child’s backpack on her right arm. Finally, the images show her daughter, seemingly tired from a whole day of activities, sleeping on her body.

The mother had to endure this exhausting body position while carrying her daughter for a whole 40 minutes. As all mothers would do, the woman did not want to wake her child so she stayed there. There were also no seats available.

The mother even tried to stand up for a while, maybe to stretch her legs. But when she attempted to do so, her legs hurt, and she only resorted to clinging on to a nearby bar.

Yes, we are only required by protocol to prioritize our seats to pregnant women, seniors, and PWDs. But does it not seem common sense to offer help to a person who seems to be in a disadvantageous situation?

If you were the mother, would you not have wanted someone give you a seat? Tell us in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this to your friends.

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