Young Boy Scours The Streets To Raise Money For A Very Selfless Reason

It’s not about how much you do. It’s about how much love you put into what you do that counts. 

In Nanyang, Henan China the temperature went up to 43.5 degrees Celsius, yet. a boy still headed towards the bridge. He was about to check some used bottles or some trash on the nearby bridge. The boy was named Wangzhen.

Some people who saw him thought why he’s trying to earn money even if it’s during vacation.

The main reason was he only wanted to pay for his stepmother’s medical bills.

When he was just two years old, he was already abandoned by his real mother. And his father, Wangman, accidentally cut off his right hand while working in a construction site. Now he only works part-time because of his condition. And his salary cannot pay for their family to survive.

Nine years ago, his grandmother died and they were dependent on their grandfather.

And last October 2014, Wangzhen was involved in a car accident just in front of his house. It was a very tragic accident but luckily he survived, however, the scars on his leg still remains.

Until his father, Liang Yingchun later met his stepmother, who was also a big part of his life. The three of them were so happy.

But their happiness did not last long…

Liang Yingchun, his stepmom, suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukemia who is staying at the hospital for treatment. He would visit his stepmother at the hospital every day and would feed her. If it’s too hot, he would wipe the sweat off and take care of his stepmother in any way he could.

“With half a day’s work of collecting recycling materials, I could earn around 2.50 Yuan. Aunty Liang ( his stepmother) treated me and grandfather well. This time, the doctors said if her sickness was not treated, she would die. I could not bear to let her die so I am going to earn enough money to treat her!” was what he said during an interview. 

His love for his stepmother touched the lived of many people. However, the treatment for this kind of sickness is very costly and will require a lot of money.

It is heartbreaking to see a kid with a kind hard to go through these struggles. We are all only hoping that a good person would help him.

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