Baby Got Abducted For 15 Hours, Flashes Adorable Smile When Police Finally Took Hold Of Him

Isn’t it interesting when babies get immediately comfortable with strangers? Most infants will feel scared and cry when someone unfamiliar carries them.

But this baby knew when to cry and when to flash a big adorable smile, and it made the internet say “aww”.

A sad morning

Humera Begum is an 21-year-old underprivileged mother living off of begging for alms in the streets of Nampally, Hyderabad in India. She lives along the streets of the city with her 4-year-old kid, Faizan Khan.

One unfortunate morning, she woke up without her son beside her.

“She woke up around 4 am and found the child missing. After searching for some time, she approached the police,” said Inspector R Sanjay Kumar.

According to police intelligence, the two men made a deal with their friend, Mohammed Ghouse, a resident of Rahmathnagar, who wanted to adopt a baby under legal processes.

One of the men, Mohammed Mustaq, lives near a hospital and said he can convince a couple to give their baby up for adoption. Yousuf, Mustaq’s cohort, informed him that he saw a woman with a kid sleeping on the streets beside Yousufain Dargah, a mosque in the city.

After some planning, they took away baby Faizan from his mother’s arms and gave him to Ghouse.

The cutest smile

“As the child was crying and his parents were absent, Ghouse asked them to return him to his parents. They then took the child to Mustaq’s house, from where they were nabbed,” police said.

The authorities took 15 hours before being able to catch the two men. And when they finally had the baby, Faizan wore the biggest, cutest smile in the world.

It’s like he knows he’s saved already!

As seen in the photo, even the tough-looking police officers couldn’t handle little Faizan’s charm. The post by Indian Police Service officer Swati Lakra on Twitter gained more than 24,000 likes. I mean, look at the baby!

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Photo: shonampally Twitter acount, IGWomenSafety Twitter account, New Indian Express