Rich Businessman Offers A House, 10 Cars, 10 Million Thai Bahts (16 Million Pesos), And A Successful Trade Business To The Man Who Captures His Daughter’s Heart

Finding the right person to fall in love with is quite a difficult yet rewarding mission. But what if you find a woman whose father will you give a fortune if you manage to make her daughter fall in love with you? Will it make the mission harder or easier ?

A rich businessman from Thailand is offering a house, 10 cars, and 10 million Thai Bahts (16 million pesos) to the man her daughter wants to marry.

Anont Rotthong obtained his wealth from his successful trading business of the tropical fruit durian in the southern Thai province of Chumphon.

All his children have already married except the 27-year-old beauty Karnsita Rotthong.

Most rich business owners pass on their empires to the eldest child. But Anont is looking for a rightful suitor whom he can entrust to help his youngest daughter run the entire durian trade and export business.

He posted his offer on his Facebook timeline that went trending worldwide, even among news agencies.

In the post, Anont showed off his wealth by stacking a pile of cash in front of him and wearing the biggest gold blings around his neck. What a cool guy! It is very easy to think that the father is just kidding around.

But no, he was not joking.

Even his daughter thought that maybe what Anont did was just something to make fun of.

“At first, I thought my dad was joking, but it turns out he’s seriously looking for a son-in-law. My siblings and I respect his decision,” Karnsita told news agency Bangkok Post.

Anont of course received tons of reactions and applications. Some son-in-law wannabes even went as far as calling Anont in person and dressing up as him to attract his attention.

But what kind of man does Anont want for his daughter? Here are his criteria:

  1. The man does not need to possess outstanding academic qualifications. Being literate is enough.
  2. He should be hardworking and ambitious.
  3. He should be thrifty.
  4. Most importantly, he must love durians.

Of course, Anont knows that whoever his daughter chooses is enough for him. But on top of falling in love, it would be a great bonus to instantly gain that much wealth though!

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Photo credits: Anont Rotthong