Man Demanded $35,000 To Compensate His Damaged Limited Edition Collectibles

Not everyone knows that action figures actually cost too much. Collectors spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And when it’s a limited editionn – prices are a bit higher than usual.

So, imagine how disappointed a collector will be if he sees his collection wrecked.

Like what happened to this collector.

The incident took place when this person’s relatives came over to his house for his grandmother’s funeral. The relatives, including his cousin, were actually staying at his house.

Before leaving the house for the funeral – this man already locked his room of collectibles such as action figures, DVDs and comics.

But, he was actually shocked to find his room turning into a mess when he returned from the funeral. Some of his collectibles were found scattered and broken across the living room.

Unfortunately, his cousin’s son broke into his room and played with some of his collectibles.

His cousin did apologized and assumed that the incident was just trivial.

Lucky for him, a cousin was well aware of how much the action figures cost. This person also knew how a fair compensation must be due to make up for the ruined items.

The total items that were damaged were 38 figurines, 41 limited edition action figures, 9 sets of DVDs, 33 CDs, 45 comics and a computer.

The totoal amount that was damaged was estimated to be at least 3.14 million yen or around 1.5 million pesos.

According to the owner, the estimated total loss was actually higher as some of the destroyed collectibles were no longer sold. Some collectibles were also bought at a discounted and membership prices.

After showing the real price of the collectibles – the cousin agreed to finally pay a total of 4 million yen or around 1.8 million peso.

Of course, the child was scolded by his parents and was not even allowed to have any birthday celebration for the year.

And for the owner, he wasn’t allowed anyone to stay in his house ever again.

We can all learn that what happened with them is just a reminder for parents to never let kids out of sight when visiting someone’s house.

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