A Father Reacted Unexpectedly When He Catches Her Daughter Making His Car Door A Canvas

Every man makes sure he achieves his dream car.

It can be big, or expensive or a sports car. Sometimes it can be a family car. It depends on the person but for sure, everyone wants one.

Having a car is going to be very hard as you need to bring it on a monthly maintenance check-up. But regardless, car owners are very willing to do that just to take care of their vehicle. And when it gets broken and it’s not their fault, you will understand if they are going to be very mad.

In Taiwan, a man and his post went viral because of how he reacted when he saw that her daughter painted on his car. Yes. You read that right. ON HIS CAR – where everyone would see.

It would be better if our kids drew on other surfaces right? Like on paper, or a notebook, or something. But this child decided it is fine to draw on his dad’s car. using different colors of ink.

Yang, the father, actually did not get upset when he saw the pictures drawn on his favorite car by her daughter. He did not even get mad – knowing that his car is almost good as damaged because of the cartoon drawings!

According to Mr. Yang, he will not delete her daughter’s drawing because it will serve as a memory for his daughter. A memory that they will both be able to look back when her daughter already grows up.

Here is a picture of Mr. Yang’s car right now.

What’s common about these pictures are the drawing of a family. Mr. Yang’s daughter explained that the man on the left side of what seems to be like an older man. Whom she confirmed to as her grandfather. She also drew the alphabet which she drew in English and in their language.

Some of the pictures she drew was a picture of a Dragon Ball character which, if you will notice. has a different technique used.

The pictures definitely improved as well. But regardless of Mr. Yan’g daughter’s drawing on his car, he said he won’t delete and would not delete them.

Are you also going to react the same way if it was you? Share your experiences below!