Father Sells Banana Cakes To Raise Funds For His Baby’s Liver Transplant

Yes, a mother’s love to her kid would always be special. But a father has his own way of showing how much he loves and cares for his kids, too.

Like this father, who’s willing to do everything for his kid – no matter what it takes.

One father went viral on social media because he has touched thousands of hearts and lives.

His photograph while he’s carrying his baby was posted on Facebook.

LITRO (Liver Transplant Operation) Babies Philippines, Inc. founder Jenny Sumalpong was the one who shared these photos of the father with his kid while selling banana cakes.

On her caption she writes, “This breaks my heart. They are selling banana cakes to raise funds (1.6 million pesos) for Baby Aqui’s liver transplant.”

She also added, “A father’s love for his son. Salute to you, Sir.”

Jenny Sumalpong also encouraged the Facebook community to share her post. Because with sharing – the post can reach the right person or people who are willing to buy banana cakes to help this little boy’s parents to raise the needed funds.

She wrote, “Bili na po kayo. Paki-share, please, para marami bumili at para maoperahan na si Baby.”

Quickly, that Facebook post became viral and thousands of social media users commented on the said post.

“May God heal your son. Have faith in Jesus name. God loves the world.”

Another one said, “God bless you manong and your baby. Believe that God is good.”

“Help them. In Jesus name. Amen,” another said.

Many netizens also asked the help of the mayor and congressman from Laguna to help the family who is currently residing at Calamba City, Laguna.

Other netizens started tagging their friends on social media on the post itself ot help spread the word. Some also tag pages of public servants.

As of now, the post made by Jenny has already gotten nearly 15,000 comments. More than 35,000 reactions and over 124,000 shares.

Some of the netizens have given their commitment ot help the family in their own way.

Right now, there aren’t any reports yet as to how close the family is to reaching the needed amount to proceed with the operation.

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