Kind Lady Seen Giving Food To Poor Father And His Young Daughter

Countless of times we’ve heard and seen stories of people helping others who are in need.

But this one was one of the most remarkable, people say.

How many of us would really be selfless enough to buy a poor family some good meal?

Well, one lady, a good-hearted one, who bought meals for a poor father and his daughter at a popular fast-food chain, Jollibee, went viral on social media.

Right now, beggars on the street or the less-fortunate or homeless people can be found outside churches. Sometimes, outside business establishments and sometimes, fast-food chains.

And those beggars who are just outside the fast food chains wouldn’t have any choice but to beg for food. And it’s just to fill their empty stomach.

And there are still some good people who gives money or food to the poor asking for alms beside the streets.

A Facebook user named Alexiefe Sulit Cataquiz just recently uploaded a video of a kind-hearted lady who bought a few meals from Jollibee for a poor father together with his daughter.

Buying Food For The Poor Dad And Daughter

In the viral video, the lady can be seen buying some food for the poor father and his daughter. who They were actually begging outside the establishment at first.

The old man and his daughter can’t contain their happiness. Just right after they receive the food bought by the kind woman.

Alexifie posted on her Facebook with this caption, “Shoutout po kay ate.. napakabuti po ng puso nyo.. talagang binigyan nyo pa ng sariling order ang mag.ama na nakita nyong namamalimos sa may harap ng #jollibee….pinapasok nyo at binigyan ng magandang hapunan…sadyang marami pa din talaga ang mga taong kagaya nyo..saludo ako sa ipinakita nyo.. ganito ang dapat nagviviralsa social media.,sila ang mga taong dapat tularan.yung mga taong hindi puro salita lamang.”

And other social media users also expressed their share of reactions. Majority of them just really praised the kind hearted lady for her good actions. Some were tagging their friends on the comment section so that they, too, can see what the lady has done.

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