Saudi Arabia Man Discovers Eagle With A Tracking Device Attached To It

Flying is the grand fantasy for many people. The imagination of being a high-soaring eagle is very freeing. You can go wherever you want to, even if oceans spread between them.

But where do wild eagles usually venture around?

In early 2018, a research group wanted to answer this question by placing a tracking device on a few eagles and letting them out into the wild. A year later, a man from Saudi Arabia found the bird, already dead, with the tracker still alive.

Hailing from the Jizan region, Fahd Qash discovered the carcass of a full-grown eagle in a swamp while walking around. He quickly noticed that the eagle has some sort of orange and black device attached to its back.

Mystified, Fahd searched for clues about the device and found location information. It has an email and a date with a note that says “if found please contact”.

He later discovered that the owner is from Kazakhstan and the device was a GPS that aimed to track the eagle’s locations for a whole year.The eagle was one of the twenty birds analyzed by a group of scientists.

Flying far

It might come as a surprise. But as it turns out, in a span of one year, the eagle did not fly too far. No seas were conquered and no continents were passed over.

The bird’s flight patterns showed that it has traveled as far as Sudan and Yemen, which is a little over 5,000 kilometers from Kazakhstan. However, it did not cross the Caspian Sea and the Red Sea. It kept its route above land.

Scientists say that eagles prefer flying over land because they soar according to temperatures. Land heats up faster than water, and eagles can fly more comfortably on warmer thermals.

I guess, even eagles has to be logical about their flying powers.

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Photo credits: Fahd Qash