She Regretted When She Decided Not To Open Her Door For A Young Man

Always strive to be grateful to those people who helped you. 

Trusting people is easier said than done.

Sometimes, it’s hard to trust even those people you already know. So how much more, the strangers around you – in your workplace? Your school? Your community? or your neighborhood? You can say a lot of times that you trust someone, but let’s admit it, it’s just words, right?

There are a lot of bad things happening around us. Reports in the news make us more aware of our surroundings, but sometimes it makes us more scared. Scared to the extent that we don’t trust people immediately anymore.

Like this lady who showed no trust to the man knocking at their house door. However, she felt guilty that she didn’t open the door for this man.

Melissa Vang was home alone with her two daughters. She heard a knock and a doorbell outside their home. Knowing that they are all girls and none was with them, she didn’t open the door for the man. In this case, you will actually understand why she chose not to open it.

Basically, she was just trying to protect her two girls and just wanted to prioritize her family’s safety.

The man at her door though did not stay too long. So Vang decided to review the CCTV footage, she was shocked and suddenly filled with much regret.

Here’s why.

She found out that the person on the door was an 18-year-old guy named Tyler Opdyke.

Someone she didn’t really know personally. It turns out Opdyke wanted to return her wallet still full with money worth $1500.

And since Vang didn’t answer the door, Opdyke noticed that there was a CCTV camera by the doorway. Therefore, he held up the wallet towards the camera and left the wallet on Vang’s doorstep then immediately left.

Vang posted it on social media with a caption: “God bless this young man’s heart. It’s sad that I didn’t trust him to open my door when he was just doing a good deed”

Opdyke was overwhelmed by the god feedbacks he received. Yet his response was, “I’m getting so much exposure over something that everybody should do”.

Vang indeed was so grateful by what Opdyke did.

Would you do the same if you are this young man? Share your thoughts on the comment box below!

See the actual surveillance here: